Public relations

Messaging, influence and persuasion

Professional PR is driven by clear communications and relationships, builds awareness and trust, and shapes perception. Ironically, it’s amongst the most misunderstood and misrepresented business disciplines.

In 1976, academics identified 472 definitions of PR. There is undoubtedly more today. We like this one:

“PR is the planned persuasion of people to behave in ways that further its sponsor’s objectives. It works primarily through the use of media relations and other forms of third-party endorsement.” – Morris and Goldsworthy

One significant change over the past decade or so is the rise of alternatives to traditional media. We still value journalists and editors across TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines – but we also work with a variety of other influencers and stakeholders, from bloggers and podcasters to campaigners, pundits, and columnists.

The heart of our public relations and corporate communications effort remains the same – to listen actively to audiences, and create campaigns that shape the way they think, feel, and act.

We do this through a variety of means, from two-way stakeholder engagement and consultations to more direct methods, including dedicated media relations campaigns.

College Green Group has the expertise in-house for reputation management and crisis communications and is highly experienced in building brands and developing and deploying clear positioning strategies.

Our wider PR services include speechwriting, media training, and presentation training. We also provide investor relations consultancy, media monitoring, and capacity building for government teams and other organisations, to develop their integrated public relations skills to an international standard.