Becoming a Conservative MP

How to get elected as a Conservative MP

Competition between those who are seeking to become Conservative MPs is tough. To achieve your goal of getting elected to Parliament takes perseverance and determination. And at every step of the way you need to show the very best of yourself to those who approve, select and elect Conservative candidates.

The team at College Green Group has helped people like you achieve their dream of becoming a Conservative MP over the past five election cycles. We also help new MPs establish themselves once elected and help them get re-elected too!

Wherever you are on your journey to Westminster – and beyond – we’re here to help you.

Your journey to Westminster


Gaining approval

If you are just thinking about the possibility, or have received the application form, or if you are about to face the competency interview or hustings exercise, we can help you prepare for any stage of the assessment process. 


Achieving selection

If you have received your approval to stand, we can help you build your profile, identify the right seats for you, help you prepare your application and prepare you for the selection process.


Winning your seat

Congratulations! Now what? From the first 48 hours of intense activity, presenting you as the candidate for your seat, through to organising your campaign team and delivering the win, the College Green Group team has supported candidates with every element of your coming campaign.

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Building your career

Once elected, you will find yourself in the bewildering world of Westminster. We can help you set up your office, find and train staff and establish yourself in the constituency. We can also help you take that policy area or cause, about which you are passionate, to the next level with an APPG or campaigning group to position you as the go to person in that area.

Getting re-elected

It is all too easy to get swept up in the whirlwind of constituency work, debates in Parliament and supporting your local Association, but you want to be an MP not just for one term. We can help you develop an incumbency strategy, set up your systems and build your campaign team well in advance of the next election. 

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