How to become a Conservative MP

About becoming a Conservative MP

To become a Conservative MP you need to get approved to stand, get selected for a constituency, then get elected.

College Green Group can guide and support you through every stage of that journey. Then we can help you build your career in Westminster.

Get approved

You are passionate about improving people’s lives and seeing the UK prosper in the world. You have experience and knowledge which you want to bring to the service of the country and Party.

Your first step is to join the ‘Approved List’ so you can apply to constituencies when they advertise for their candidates.

College Green Group has helped over 120 people to join the Approved List in this Parliament.

Get selected

Congratulations! You are ‘on the list’. Now you need to get through three selection stages to become a candidate.

Persuading those who decide that you are the best candidate for them needs a stand-out application, a great speech and Q&A then a polished performance at the meeting with constituency members.

We have helped clients get selected for parliamentary seats in this cycle and for previous elections.

Get elected

Whether you are a sitting MP seeking re-election, or a new candidate, you still have to convince the electorate you are the right person to represent them.

That means engaging with voters, businesses, community groups and your local media. You need to know who they are and how to engage. You need a great team on the ground, but you also need a strong digital presence to extend your reach as far as possible.

College Green Group are experts at analysing a constituency, building digital infrastructure, growing your contact database and crafting the messages that will gain support and motivate electors to vote for you.

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