How to become a Conservative MP

About becoming a Conservative MP

The next general election is likely to be in late 2024. Party candidates are selected much earlier and, for many, the journey to becoming a Conservative MP has already started. It is not too late to start now.

You want to become a Conservative MP because you want to make a difference. Whether you are someone who has never held elected office or are an incumbent running for re-election, we can help you.

We work with you to refine your messages, identify your audiences and devise a passionate strategy to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign. We offer personalised guidance to negotiate this demanding process and flourish as a future leader in the Conservative Party. 

Every campaign is different. That’s why we take into account a broad range of factors, including local politics and relevant channels of communication, to boost your chances of realising your goals.

How can you help me to become a Conservative MP?

College Green Group has a strong and proven track record working at the highest level of Conservative Party politics in Britain. We are here to help you develop a highly effective electoral strategy that will champion your message and values.

We draw on our vast experience working with political parties and candidates around the world on campaigns and elections, at every level: local, national, and international. Our team members have worked on campaigns across Africa, the Caribbean, and the EU, working in many different languages and across different cultures.

We understand elections, and how to make your story cut through to the audience you seek to inspire.


College Green Group is expert at providing tailored support through every stage of the process of becoming a Conservative MP. From gaining approval at the assessment stage, through to getting selected for your chosen constituency, and winning a seat in Parliament, our expertise is a proven, vital part of election success

We use a variety of tools to successfully reach these objectives and deliver on your priorities, including:

  • Narrative development
  • Web design
  • Branding
  • Social media
  • Media engagement
  • Fundraising
  • Policy development

See our full step-by-step guide to becoming an MP

Narrative development

Every candidate has a unique story. From the beginning of the selection process with the Conservative Party, through to your entry into Parliament, a powerful narrative will be at the heart of your campaign. Our expert team of strategists will help you develop your narrative to champion your values, highlight your successes, and build momentum to get you elected as a Conservative MP.

Web design

We work closely with you to deliver a website that champions your campaign to become a Conservative MP to your voters. Whether you have an existing website or are starting from scratch, a captivating website that tells your story is essential. We meet with you to understand your vision, providing you with a number of options for your own bespoke website and digital presence before implementing your chosen design.
Throughout your campaign and into your parliamentary career as a Conservative MP, we will assist you with website maintenance and support, keeping your online presence up to date and facilitating your engagement with your voters.


As a selected candidate, a well-crafted personalised identity that aligns with that of the Conservative Party makes your campaign memorable, ensuring you connect with voters and stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re still developing your branding, seeking to revitalise your existing one, or want a new one entirely, we have the tools and expertise you need. Our in-house design team is passionate about achieving your vision for your campaign, through the creation of personalised branding, a tailored logo, and a bank of digital assets for your use.

Social media

Social media is a vital tool for modern political campaigns to cut through directly to voters and allow for your voice to be heard the way you need. We help you develop a powerful social media presence that delivers strong, positive messages, telling voters what you stand for, communicating your Conservative credentials, and why you are the best choice to represent your selected constituency.

Media engagement

Our team of media specialists will help you develop a strong public image, ensuring positive media relations, providing press releases, and securing public appearances on your journey to become a Conservative MP. Through targeted messaging and effective media management we will elevate your profile, to ensure your voice is heard loud and clear by your voters, party members, and key figures.


Financing a campaign is a crucial component of a successful campaign, and our strategists will develop and implement effective fundraising mechanisms, engaging with potential donors who believe in Conservative principles and mobilising grassroots support to ensure a well-financed campaign to achieve success. 

Policy development

It is essential that your voters know what you stand for. We recognise the importance of communicating your principles through a robust policy platform. Our team will provide expert assistance in formulating your core policy message, positioning you as a committed advocate for Conservative values.

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