Qualitative and quantitative insights

Our research teams work across national and local politics, as well as with corporates, charities, and high-net-worth private clients. We use a range of techniques, including qualitative and quantitative research to deliver actionable insights. We run focus groups, conduct surveys, carry out depth interviews and stress-test messaging for impact and recall.

Whether we’re conducting a reputation audit using digital tools or presenting findings through detailed reporting, we’re focused on giving you the clarity you need to ensure success.

Our capabilities are scalable. We’ve conducted country-wide and pan-national research, but we also work with prospective MPs and sitting MPs to better understand specific Constituencies. The methodologies we developed through our extensive political work have been useful in enhancing and augmenting our offering to businesses and individuals, especially with regard to reputation, risk, and crisis response.

Researching your campaign

Our team assesses issues, background, market analysis, competitor analysis, relevant legislation, relevant case studies, and a range of other factors that will strengthen your campaign.

Focus groups: Our moderators design programmes that will ensure your focus groups are engaging and insightful to glean vital information from the discussions to leave with you detailed feedback and concise next steps.

Online surveys: Our data analysts target specific target audiences to ensure you get results that will help shape thinking within your organisation based on evidence.

Door-to-door surveys: Our surveying teams gather data, ascertain sentiment and identify the concerns of voters or other stakeholders.

Datasets: Take the guesswork out of a campaign by ensuring you have the right data at the beginning. We provide datasets for a range of different tasks within a campaign to ensure you are engaging with the right audience directly. We also conduct data harmonisation, allowing us to merge a host of records from the governmental, party, and third party sources, helping you create a detailed map of the area you are working in.

Helping you understand complex issues

We will deliver insight into issues across the political industry, whether domestic policy, foreign nations or specific local issues. We combine our understanding of your organisation with a media monitoring and fact-checking service to provide contextualised and verifiable information.

Policy research: We focus on key areas of interest and monitor changes providing you with up-to-date information.

Local issues research: We monitor all local news sites, Facebook groups, and social media accounts of key influencers to keep you apprised of all of the news and events that might be worth attending.

Opposition and competition research: Keeping up with the opposition in a seat, or with your competitors ahead of a selection can be extremely time-consuming. We provide you with what your opponents and competitors are doing and saying on social media and in the media. We will also provide an analysis of how this is being received.

Everything a sitting MP needs to know

Constituency Bibles are up-to-date records of everything a candidate needs to know about a local area to be better informed to respond to voters. Let us take care of the research leaving you more time to focus on your constituency. Constituency Bibles include details about:

Everything a candidate needs to know

WarBooks provide thorough overviews of a local area ahead of a selection. Let us take care of the research leaving you more time to focus on campaigning and delivery. WarBooks include full details about: