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College Green Group poll watch: Silver linings for Sunak, but not for ScotNats

Is the Elections Act 2022 suppressing youth voices?

With the 2022 Elections Act ushering in new voting requirements - including proof of ID - how will this impact UK elections moving forward?

The only thing missing from a return to Blairism is a Blair

26 years after Labour's 1997 landslide, how much has the party changed since then, and is the only thing holding it back its leader?

Is the clock ticking down for TikTok in UK political messaging?

The video-sharing app TikTok has undoubtedly affected billions of lives. Many see it as emblematic of the 2020 COVID lockdown, with the app being downloaded 853 million times worldwide. Since then, the platform’s sheen has faded. Concerns over parental oversight of their children's usage of the app has been replaced by serious distress over the app’s Chinese associations.

What lies in store for the UK constitution under a Prime Minister Starmer?

The constant, but simmering issue of constitutional reform has taken a key role in Keir Starmer's mission to be the next UK Prime Minister.

Scottish nationalists left reeling after independence thrown into doubt

The UK Supreme Court ruled that Scotland cannot legally hold an independence referendum without Westminster’s consent. Where do we go now?

The UK Government has been ‘pwned’: The consequence of data breaches for democratic politics

Politicians are becoming increasingly aware of their online security. This doesn't stop malicious actors from undoing preventative measures.

College Green Group reflect on a successfully organised IAPC conference

Our director Thomas Borwick reflects on College Green Group's success in organising the 55th conference of the International Association of Political Consultants.

The 2022 US Senate elections pt. 2 – What else to look out for

We've discussed the Sun Belt, now we focus on the Rust Belt. The region is a bête noire for Democrats - will it be this year?

The 2022 US Senate elections – What to look out for

Democrats are scrabbling to reassert themselves across the 'Sun Belt' after strong 2020 showings. What is success for them in the region?

Are televised debates useful political antennae?

Debates happen most election cycles and attract great attention and scrutiny. However, do they make any difference to an election result?
College Green Group blog

What I learnt interning at College Green Group

Read the first-hand review of how one of College Green Group's interns found working with us for a week and whether they would recommend it.

Why councillors make good MPs

Keir Labour conference

Thoughts from the Labour Party Conference 2022

The atmosphere at conference is buoyant. It certainly feels like the party is confident it is on the cusp of governing. The splits within the party and the divisions that arose during the five years of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership seem to have been relegated very much to the past, and there is a quiet confidence coupled with slick professionalism everywhere I go.

The engineering of political language

Political language can make or break your campaign - this is why considering what you say and how it will be heard is so vital.

Can the Democrats buck the midterm blues?

My experience interning at College Green Group

Read how one of College Green Group's interns found his experience working with us. Highlighting 'responsibility' and 'variety', it is worth a read for anyone thinking of applying for an internship.

In Liz we Truss?

With the Conservative leadership election underway, Roberto White assesses the likelihood Liz Truss becomes the UK's next prime minister.
Does Rishi Sunak have what it takes:Downing Street sign

Does Rishi Sunak have what it takes?

Thoughts from the ‘Future of Jobs’ Conference