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About becoming a Labour MP

The next general election is likely to be in late 2024. Party candidates are selected much earlier and, for many, the journey to becoming a Labour MP has already started. It is not too late to start now.

Welcome to College Green Group, your trusted partner in achieving your dream of becoming a Labour MP. With our expertise in political strategy and campaign management, we dedicate our efforts to empowering passionate individuals like you to make a difference in the political landscape. 

Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your full potential as a future leader within the Labour Party.


Services we offer

Strategic political guidance

Our experienced team of political experts will provide you with personalised guidance tailored to your specific ambitions. We understand the nuances of becoming a Labour MP. We offer strategic advice to enhance your campaign, connect with voters, and communicate your message effectively.

Once your political career begins we are on-hand to offer close, personal counsel to help you navigate the complexities of parliament and national politics with expert research and advice.

Campaign management

College Green Group excels in designing and executing successful campaign strategies. From grassroots mobilisation to leveraging digital platforms, we use cutting-edge techniques to maximise your reach and engagement, ensuring that your campaign resonates with constituents and inspires key Labour Party supporters.

Media relations and public image

Our team of media specialists will help you develop a strong public image, handling media relations, press releases, and public appearances. Through targeted messaging and effective media management we will elevate your profile, to ensure your voice as a champion of progressive values is heard loud and clear.

Fundraising and donor engagement

We understand the critical role finances play in political campaigns. Our expert fundraisers will assist you in developing effective fundraising strategies and engaging with potential donors who share your commitment to Labour’s values. Together, we will build a strong financial foundation to fuel your campaign’s success.

Policy development and positioning

At College Green Group, we recognise the importance of robust policy development to attract voters and demonstrate your commitment to progressive change. Our team will support you in formulating policies aligned with Labour’s core values and positioning you as a thoughtful and influential advocate for positive change.

Embark on your political journey with College Green Group

Take the first step towards becoming a Labour MP by partnering with College Green Group. Our comprehensive range of services, tailored specifically to aspiring Labour politicians, will equip you with the skills, resources, and support necessary to navigate the political landscape and achieve your goals. Join us today, and let us help you make a positive impact as a Labour MP.

Contact us now to discuss how College Green Group can guide you toward becoming a Labour MP.

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