Campaigns and elections

Winning international political strategies

As a full-service political consultancy, we work with political parties and candidates around the world on campaigns and elections; with governments, embassies and high commissions on strategic communications, soft power initiatives and wider political consultancy; and with corporations and charities on influence and perception campaigns requiring integrated public relations and lobbying.

Research and campaign expertise at regional and national level

We work internationally with candidates and political parties seeking to win national and regional campaigns and elections, often laying the groundwork long before a campaign begins in earnest. We provide a comprehensive offering, including research and insight, strategic messaging and full deployment of campaign managers and teams in-country as required.

College Green Group also works with governments and their representatives to strengthen relationships with the U.K. government and corporate world, to foster trade initiatives and foreign direct investment, and to increase opportunities for long-term success. 

We also conduct large-scale campaigns aimed at raising awareness of issues, shaping perception, and delivering tangible results across both the field of policy and the commercial arena. Our clients include charities seeking to  influence legislation and corporations wishing to draw attention to the needs of their sector and lobby the government accordingly.

Campaigning is in our lifeblood, and we would love to help you win. To find out more information, please contact us.