Our Entry for the European Best Website Category

Published on November 16th, 2020 for College Green Group.


www.getyourjabs.com is an advocacy website which seeks to provide information on vaccines for expectant parents, new parents, carers, guardians and grandparents with the aim of calming fears about the safety of vaccination.

The website has a “two-click” structure which takes people to the advice they might need in two clicks from first landing on the site.

Rather than dry, technical, medical advice, we have styled the site to be friendly and welcoming and have written the advice in plain english. We are unashamedly pro-vaccination, but we take peoples’ concerns seriously and aim to address these with facts, figures and real-life stories. Links through to NHS and academic research sites provide back-up for the facts we present.

Naturally, we have a Covid page with up to date news on the development and distribution of a vaccine against the Coronavirus.

A blog page provides longer read options on the main issues being discussed in the news around vaccines and vaccinations.

It is intended to develop partnerships with other interested parties and to engage with celebrities and sports personalities to maximise the reach of the campaign. We want to engage the public and allow them to post their own video stories (“Go on – show us your dimples”) and make vaccination appear the normal thing to do to protect yourself, your family and your community.

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