So, you want to become a Conservative MP?

The first step on your journey to Westminster is to pass the assessment which allows you to join the list of Approved Conservative Candidates. Then you need to get selected for a seat and win your election. Simple, yes?

Well, no. Not really. 

College Green Group has helped dozens of people to pass the assessment over the past four General Election cycles and gone on to help them get selected as candidates and win their seats. Can we help you emulate their success?

Our programme is built around you, focusing on the things about you which make you a credible candidate. We help you to present yourself in a way which demonstrates that you have the skills and experience the Party is looking for in its MPs.

We start with a thorough personal review, which looks at your personal, professional, and Party history. We layer on that a digital review, which helps identify any issues that might affect you in your online presence. We will help you with the application form itself and when you are called for your assessment, we will coach you in the tasks and challenges you will face on the day. Working with the College Green Group team, you will develop the structure of your presentation and your answers to questions, to allow you to present the best possible version of yourself to the assessors.

Once you have been approved, the College Green Group team can help you research the seats you want to apply for and guide you on how to build your personal profile whilst you wait for the opportunity to apply. We will help you craft a CV that will get you noticed and prepare you for the selection itself.

After all that, getting elected might seem like the easy part. But no seat is safe, as recent results have shown. You need to be out of the blocks from day one. 

The College Green Group team can deliver a complete digital makeover and first 48-hour plan so you are generating interest and engaging with constituents as soon as possible. Comprehensive campaign strategy and planning are in our DNA. You can rely on the College Green Group to be there with you, every step of the way.

When you are elected, we can help you establish yourself in Parliament. Whilst you focus on delivering your maiden speech, we can help set up your office in Westminster and your constituency, find and train your staff and work with you should you wish to set up a new APPG. We can be there to support your Association and Councillors as they campaign between general elections, helping to ensure that when the next general election comes around, you get re-elected. 

Our approach is unique, built around our entire team being available to help you at every step of your journey. You can read more about our services here, and if you would like to discuss how we can help you, we’ll be at the Party Conference in Manchester from Sunday 3rd to Wednesday 6th of October. Or we can have a confidential, online chat at a time to suit you. 

John Moss is a Councillor in Waltham Forest and has held a variety of senior roles in the voluntary party for over twenty years. The College Green Group team also includes people who have been senior volunteers, candidates, and campaign managers for multiple elections. Our approach is to work alongside you to equip and enable you to maximise your ability to be successful in both the assessment process and at every other step along your journey to Westminster.

To book a confidential call with one of our team please contact John Moss by email at or on 07970 731826.