My experience interning at College Green Group

Having completed my two week internship at College Green Group, I thought I would take a moment to reflect upon my experience. In short, accepting the internship was one of the best decisions I have made.

Responsibility and variety

I was surprised by the breadth of work undertaken by the team, and the responsibility given to me to complete tasks. I know, from experience, that many companies are too busy to fully integrate their interns into the team – College Green Group bucked the trend and made sure that the work I was doing was always being used for the client or company.

The work often entailed extensive research and data collection, both of which I am now much more efficient and effective at doing. I will take away a greater understanding of how important quality data is to a powerful and targeted campaign, and the importance of thinking outside of the box to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.

The highlight of my time here has been getting to know the wonderful College Green Group team. During both occasions, I have had the opportunity to sit in on team meetings and work alongside several colleagues which has been invaluable.

Advice for those that follow

Never be afraid to ask a question! The team is diverse and has a wealth of experience across several sectors, from politics and communications, to business development and strategy, and far beyond. Everyone is willing to make the time for you to speak to them, and I have definitely learnt some invaluable tips about leadership, strategy, and corporate life from doing this.

Appreciate what is around you. If you, like me, don’t live in London, make sure you take a moment to enjoy the walk to the office in the morning. Although seemingly trivial, there are few better sights or more historic landmarks than the Palace of Westminster, and to be able to pass it on your way into the office is very special. It is also a great place to see senior politicians giving interviews on College Green or walking outside the office door.

Ensure that you commit yourself fully to the whole internship. This will seem obvious, but is so important. One could arrive at 9am every morning and walk back out of the door again at 6pm, but the real gains are made from arriving slightly earlier, having lunch with a colleague, leaving slightly later, or going for a drink (or playing basketball!) after work. It provides you with the crucial time to ask questions and build a strong rapport with your new colleagues.

I am extremely grateful for the time that I have already spent with the company and the brilliant, kind and fun team that work here. I am pleased to say that I would now consider them, to not only be my colleagues, but also my friends!

I hope to be back sooner rather than later!