Helping MPs to run “Unsung Hero” campaigns

Published on October 1st, 2020 for College Green Group.

MPs have been working hard for their constituents and businesses throughout the pandemic, sorting out business grants, joining in with deliveries of food and medicines to those who were shielding and generally rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in across the board, irrespective of party.

But many people, businesses and community organisations have also gone above and beyond to provide support and services to the community. MPs can recognise and celebrate this, helping the wider community to see the “unsung heroes” of the pandemic, across a range of categories: Key Workers, Businesses, Community Groups and Individuals.

Some MPs have created specific websites where the wider public can nominate their favourites in a range of categories relevant to their constituency. MPs for coastal towns have set up Tourism Awards, for example, and those whose constituencies are made up of a collection of smaller towns have celebrated the “High Street Champions”. 

College Green Group can help MPs set up websites to allow constituents to nominate their “unsung hero” across a range of categories. We can also help you publicise this via articles in traditional media or news stories posted on your own website and then shared with your constituency via social media.

As people nominate, they can be asked to sign up to receive regular news from their MP via e-mail. As face-to-face contact is still limited, this is a great way to keep in touch with constituents and one which will help all through your time in Parliament. If you do not already have a mailer (bulk e-mail tool) for this, we can set this up for you, with two bespoke templates.

Whilst it is not really possible at the moment to run live events to present the nominees with awards or certificates, we can assist MPs in organising a virtual event to do this. If you prefer to visit individual local heros, we can stitch together any video you have from the visits into a collage of presentations to post on your website and social media.

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