Commission Based Fundraising for Campaigns

Published on February 1st, 2021 for College Green Group.

Campaigning, whether it be for a political party, candidate or single issue campaign, is second nature to the team at College Green Group. We cut our teeth working on globally relevant political campaigns like Vote Leave, and have since run or supported various parties, candidates and single issue campaigns to raise awareness and achieve electoral and legislative goals. 

We also understand that for many campaigns, the process of campaigning for change must also come hand in hand with fundraising, to cover costs and ensure an always-on programme of communications and lobbying. As such, we are able to run campaigns with fundraising that work on a commission basis, implementing communications, PR and content programmes which run alongside fundraising efforts – with the fee charged as commission of funds raised. 

We have found that running fundraising efforts hand-in-hand with campaigning results in better donations, influential advocates and an all around stronger campaign, some of the ways we do this include:

  • Identifying those who have a vested interest in the changes in question, contacting them and making a compelling case as to why its in their best interests to support
  • Creating programmes designed to secure micro-donations from large numbers, in addition to larger donations from a handful 
  • Segmenting your audiences and creating bespoke messaging designed to engage each group
  • Gaining access to big impact databases which are relevant and ensure reach 
  • When safe, running events designed to garner support and generate donations 
  • Creating written, image based and video content which is both impactful and informative 
  • Leveraging traditional, digital and social media with press stunts and stories

Prior to commencing work together we will agree a commission based fee structure with you, a pre-agreed % of funds raised will cover our fees and the rest will go to your campaign costs. 

If you are running a campaign and struggling to cover the costs, or if you have an issue you would like to instigate a programme of lobbying and communications on, contact us today to find out more about how we can help. 

The Team has raised millions of pounds over the years for various causes and we know that working with you to generate funds will allow you to afford the campaign your project needs.  We have seen fundraising processes change rapidly over the course of pandemic and we continue to grow our team to ensure you get the best services you need. 

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