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Published on November 16th, 2020 for College Green Group.

College Green Group

The group operates globally and in the last year has completed, inter alia, the following commissions:

  • Opinion surveys of 40% of the population of St Lucia on hot topic political issues
  • Comparative surveys of 2,500 people across six EU member states on their governments’ pandemic response and possible future policy responses
  • Developing communications strategy and messaging for Gambia Mayor’s teams for their COVID response
  • Communications and fundraising plan for West African health charity – https://dramanfoundation.org/
  • Website, corporate communications, blogs and tender support for an international investor working in the field of corrupt asset restitution – https://restitution.org.uk/
  • Website design and integration for a global effort of increasing political support for political affiliate group supporting international development – https://cfid.org.uk/
  • Ongoing operational management of a London Mayoral Candidate’s campaign
  • Development of an outreach and training programme targeted at the BAME community with the aim of increasing their political representation – https://www.reaches.uk/
  • Working with Imran Ahmad Khan MP to create the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Foreign Affairs, which was launched in July 2020 https://appgforeignaffairs.org/
  • Creating an EU policy petition system that secured over 50,000 signatures since its launch  across more than 10 countries
  • Website creation and development for one of the Netherlands’ largest political parties 
  • Website creation and development for The Identity and Democracy Group, the fourth largest group within the European Parliament – https://www.idgroup.eu/
  • Website creation and development for Conservatives Against Racism and for Equality – https://carfe.org/

Those Important Human Factors.

College Green Group is the only UK political consultancy with a Living Wage commitment to ensure all staff members are well paid. We have a detailed ethical charter and “Red line policy” allowing all staff to stop on a project at any stage if desired. All staff have regular engagement with the senior management team to allow questions and concerns to be raised anonymously or directly as needed. 

At College Green group we recognize the professionalism of our team and support each member with an annual training budget of £1,000. 

We recently secured our ISO 27001 accreditation, the highest standard of information security management.

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