Changes to the Conservative candidate assessment process

The Conservative Party paused the assessment process for new parliamentarians as the country went into Plan B restrictions before Christmas. Now, as these restrictions are lifted, it has announced a new approach to candidate screening, with the six assessment tasks being split into a two stage process.

The first stage, which will be online rather than in-person, will consist of the in-tray exercise and a core competency interview, with progress to the second stage conditional on passing the first. However, we believe the core competency interview to be the most important part of the assessment, so proper preparation for this is essential, even if it is taking place virtually.

The second part of the assessment will comprise a hustings exercise, a group exercise, and the two online tests familiar to those who applied to re-join the list; a Hogan Assessment based psychometric test, and a rapid-fire situational judgement test, of the type so beloved by HR professionals.

The key question prospective candidates need to think about is how to best showcase their abilities and experiences, to meet the core competencies that the Party has defined as necessary to be a Member of Parliament?

What do you say that will confirm your political convictions and answer the question, ‘Is this person a Conservative?’ How will you draw on your life experience to demonstrate the breadth the Party is looking for? What are the best stories you have that speak to your good judgement and integrity?

College Green Group’s programme of training for prospective candidates is being adjusted slightly, to reflect the new structure of the assessment. However, at its core it remains about helping you prepare to show the very best possible version of yourself when you enter into the assessment, and hopefully beyond that to a successful parliamentary career.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you, please call John Moss on 07970 731826.