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Why did the Conservatives win Harrow and lose Westminster?

As the dust settles from the local elections, our UK political campaign manager, John Moss has been taking the temperature in London and elsewhere around the country.
Skyline of London

5 local election races to watch in London

College Green Group Poll Watch: economy slips from Tory grips, Macron leads in final week

As Partygate rears its unwelcome head, Boris Johnson has seen the Tories slip right before local elections. In France, European populism will be tested...
french legislative elections macron france

Is the Rassemblement National’s success a product of a well curated political rebranding?

The manifesto presented by the RN still paints a radical picture for the future of France under a Le Pen presidency. It proposes to prioritise the rights of French natives over non-natives in accessing services such as housing, benefits, jobs, and health services.
Labour logo and French flag projected onto a building

College Green Group Poll Watch: Labour leads and Le Pen leaps

Labour's fortunes seem to be changing positively. In Scotland and London, the party seems reinvigorated - as reinvigorated as Marine Le Pen's once ailing presidential campaign.

Why did Hungary’s united opposition fail?

An electoral experiment ended in failure. Was Viktor Orbán’s victory due to baked-in bias towards his government and party, or the result of a coalition brought together by poor judgement?
Millbank Tower, HQ of the Labour Party

Two years of Keir – A bumpy road to gain new voters and win public trust

Hartlepool, hard-left divisions, and a handful of think tanks are just a few characterisations of Keir Starmer's two year tenure as Labour leader. Has he made his mark on the party and public? Or is he an electoral liability?

College Green Group Poll Watch: stability reigns – for now

Ukrainian shelling, Spring Statements, and Scottish polling - but not the drastic change you may expect… yet.

How can I take advantage of Google grants to make a successful paid keyword strategy for my non-profit campaign?

Google offers a generous 10K grant for eligible organisations to spend on advertising, but there are certain steps that you should follow to ensure that you can retain it.

College Green Group Poll Watch: the bounce back of Teflon Boris?

Is Boris back on the up? The embattled Prime Minister may be turning a tide with his response to the crisis in Ukraine. Take a read of this week’s poll watch to understand why the teflon politician is bouncing back.

College Green Group Poll Watch: Donbass and Donetsk displace Downing Street Drinks

The splintering of the Portuguese right: the strategic craftiness of the Liberal Initiative

Some reports in the international press have touched on the success of CHEGA, a nationalist party, but less has been written about the IL, its ideas, and its recipe for success.

What’s the beef over meat-free marketing?

Veganuary 2022 has ended and the 'meat-free' industry is rapidly growing - yet there is rising backlash from the farming unions about this turn of phrase. Can the Government do more to encourage farmers to join the plant-based industry?

How to approach your ‘competency-based interview’?

A central part of the Conservative Party candidate assessment is the competency-based interview. But just what is this and why does it form such an important part of the process of becoming a Conservative MP?

Changes to the Conservative candidate assessment process

With changes to the Conservative Party's candidate selection process, what does this mean for an aspiring MP?

Scott Morrison’s stance on Novak Djokovic and the Australian Open – public health strategy or election campaigning?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's showdown against Novak Djokovic left him with egg on his face. His election-mode public health strategy may require revision whilst he scrabbles to retain his majority.

The battle of perception – Hispanic and Latino votes cannot be taken for granted by Democrats in America

With midterms in November, Democrats face a bloodbath of defeats. The exodus of Latino voters from the party and to the Republicans stands to play a significant part - how did this happen, and what does it mean?

What do the Conservatives need to do now after losing North Shropshire

The Liberal Democrats' stunning win in North Shropshire should send the coldest of shivers down Conservative spines. However, do the problems lie at the top or are they more profound?

Book review: ‘Collateral Damage: Britain, America and Europe in the Age of Trump’

“His book is one of the best written, easy to read memoirs I have recently read" is how Kim Darroch's autobiography has been described. Read more to see why.

Old Bexley & Sidcup – is this the final nail in the UKIP/Brexit Party/Reform coffin?

The Conservatives may have won the Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election but Labour made gains, and Reform UK also retained its deposit. Do minor parties hold more sway by appealing to angry voters, and if not, where is their receptacle? Without them, can Reform UK chart a successful path into the future?