The power of the political cartoon

Politicians love them and hate them. Political cartoons often are more powerful and effective than articles and newspapers. How did they arise, how are they changing, and do they get under politicians’ skin? Read this blog to find out more.

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COP26 logo

COP26 – Co-op or Cop out?

Two weeks of intense negotiations have culminated in progress and compromise. Surprise deals and carbon-cutting consensus have been offset by criticism and claims of greenwashing. Was this summit a success? Or do the failures outweigh that which was agreed?

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Japanese countryside

In Japan, pork-barrel politics works and wins

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party has been returned to power with a surprisingly large majority – again. Their 70 years of near unbroken rule can thank a combination of pork-barrel strategy, rural voters, and the elderly. Is this good for democracy?

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Is Facebook changing democracy?

Facebook is changing its policies to reduce the amount of political news its users see. This will have major impacts globally on political advertising and campaigning, while disenfranchising insurgent campaigns that are opposed to the status quo.

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Three million more Britons will gain the right to vote

The Elections Bill is at committee stage in the House of Commons. It has the potential to have major impacts on voter numbers and the characteristics of the UK electorate, giving 3 million British citizens overseas the right to vote for life. What impact will this have on democracy and the Electoral Commission?

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