Winning election to parliament

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Getting elected as an MP

Once you are selected for a seat, the College Green Group is here to help you win.

Straight out of the blocks you need to be engaging with the electorate. Depending on how strong your constituency association is, you might need very little help, or you might need a lot.

We can deliver a complete digital makeover to present you as the candidate for your seat, focusing on the campaigns and issues you will be fighting on.

We can help you plan your election campaign, looking at; fundraising, team building and training, community campaigning, and media.

We can create bespoke target audiences for you to canvass, with specific campaign messaging designed for you to maximise turnout. And we can integrate your digital campaigning with traditional campaign methodology. 

We can help you to build email and phone data (in a fully GDPR compliant way) which you can use in the final stages of your campaign.

Building your career in Parliament, and getting re-elected

It can be daunting walking into Westminster for the first time as a newly elected Member of Parliament. There will be many competing calls on your time and a hundred and one things to arrange and organise.

The people who work for the Parliamentary estate are wonderful and will help you in many ways, but there are many things they cannot do. The College Green Group team is here to take on these tasks. 

We can help you craft that all-important maiden speech, help you establish your Westminster office, find constituency office premises, recruit and train your staff and help you work in the areas in which you are interested/expert through All-Party Parliamentary Groups.

And we can set up incumbency campaigns during your time in Parliament and be there to help you win – again – at the next election.

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