How to get selected to stand as an MP

Becoming an MP >> Selection stage

Selection is the second stage once you are approved

At any one time there might be over 1,000 people on the Approved List of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates. You need to have a strong profile within the Party and, when you apply to individual seats, make sure you stand out.

The College Green Group team is here to work with you once you have secured approval and start applying for individual constituencies. We are here to help you get selected to fight a seat and to get elected to Westminster as a Conservative MP. We know each stage of the application and selection process and can help you at every step.

We can build you a bespoke “Approved Candidate” website to highlight your activism and campaigns and link this to refreshed social media accounts.

We will help you to prepare a standard application CV that you will use as the basis of the applications you submit when you seek selection for individual constituencies.  

We can research the seats that you think are the best fit for you. Once you decide to apply, we can help you with seat-specific research, making sure you have the information you need to complete a stand out application.

We can offer a robust Q&A preparation where our team will critique your speech content and presentation and then fire up to 200 questions at you so you can be ready for the Executive Council interview stage.

And before you face the wider membership in the final round of a selection, we can look at every aspect of your speech and Q&A again, refreshing, sharpening and improving everything you do.

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